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Pen and ink on paper.
75.5 x 101.6cm

Sandys made many drawings and studies in preparation for painting 'Autumn'. This large, detailed drawing is practically identical to the oil version and in fact was exhibited at the Royal Academy instead of the painting. Perhaps Sandys wanted to show off his skill as a draughtsman.

The detail in this drawing is incredible and every aspect would have been copied exactly from a real example, from the soldier's uniform down to each plant or flower. The only real difference between this drawing and the painted version is the ginger jar at the front of the picture. It is patterned in the painting, but here Sandys has left it blank except for a small detail - his monogram signature. This splendid drawing is just as much a work of art as the finished oil painting of 'Autumn'.

Bequeathed by Mrs Henry Spelman, 1903
Museum number  NWHCM : 1903.47 : F

Image ©
Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery