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Portrait of Philip Bedingfeld LL.D, JP

portrait of philip bedingfeld ll.d, jp

Oil on mahogany panel.
457mm x 378mm

Philip Bedingfeld and his wife Adelaide were both painted by Sandys, soon after he became friends with some of the Pre-Raphaelites who immediately began to influence his style.

The portrait shows a rather fashionable but respectable and serious young man, dressed in a corduroy suit. Philip seems to be lost in his own thoughts, suggesting that he is thinking about something important, but he is also sitting quite casually, one arm over the back of a chair to suggest that he has a more light hearted side to him. In the background is a then popular Medieval style wall hanging - Philip is obviously a man of taste and style.

This picture forms a pair with the portrait of Adelaide, Philip's wife, and Sandys has painted two very contrasting images. Whilst Adelaide's portrait is bright and airy, set against a landscape, Philip's is much darker and he is sitting inside. He wears a suit and looks rather serious whilst his wife smiles out from the painting and wears a wreath of leaves in her hair. She seems friendly and chatty, quite different to her serious, thoughtful husband. Throughout his career Sandys painted several pairs of portraits and often made sure they contrasted strongly, suggesting different things about each person as well as their relationship as a couple.

Museum number  NWHCM : 1942.26.1 : F

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Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery